Hi! Welcome to my little internet space. I am Cristiana and here are some random things about me, my family and my blog:

7 things about me
I like to read
I work full-time
I enjoy silence
I have a lovely, unuseful  superpower
I love being a mum
I believe we tend to complicate the simple things in life, so I make an effort to simplify
I poured all about me in this post

7 things about my family
There are 7 of us, 3 humans, 4 animals (2 cats + 2 dogs)
We are currently living in the north of Portugal, between Marão e Alvão mountain ranges (the wonderful kingdom)
Somehow, it’s very difficult for us to be all in the same room, but we manage OK outside...
The humans and the dogs like long walks in the mountains
The humans and the cats like to cuddle on the sofa
We all like to eat
We dream of a smaller house and a bigger back garden

3 things about this blog
It's only written by me, so it expresses my opinion only
All pictures are mine, except when otherwise credited
It was born of a wish to report my journey to an intentional living, but it has grown to be more of an on-line journal and a growth tool, much with the help of a few commenters that I appreciate deeply.

As it turns out, I wouldn't want it any other way.

If you're here, welcome.
If you'd like to stay and say something, that would be wonderful.

PS: English is not my native language, and my English formal training consists of mandatory English classes in my school days, long ago. I blog in English to improve my fluency in the language, meaning that you're witnessing my efforts and evolutions, that will most certainly include some grammar mess-ups. Please excuse those, and feel welcome to correct them out to me. I take good writing seriously and will value the opportunity to learn from you and correct my mistakes.


  1. Gostei de ler! :) Tens aqui uma seguidora.

  2. Olá Ana!
    Obrigada! É para mim muito especial que sejas a primeira, porque o teu blog é uma verdadeira inspiração para mim!


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