Capture life

Memory is the most precarious form of documentation because it dies when the one who remembers dies, it is as if life were the document of itself - a life that, at any moment, forgets itself.
João Tordo | O Livro dos Homens sem Luz

Don't you ever wonder what happens to the memories we forget?

Or maybe we don't forget, we simply don't have them present, but they reside inside of us in some way.

I don't know, but I always find great value in documenting life outside our memory. To me, is not about living in the past, but putting light on the daily life. Maybe even shaping the future?


Owning our our happiness

Last year, I read an advice on relationships that resonated deeply with me:
It’s important to remember that each partner is responsible for their own happiness. You can’t rely on the other one to always entertain you.
Being very fond of the stoics ideals, I try to keep in mind that it is entirely my responsibility how I react to others sayings or doings but somehow I missed this point when it comes to my most significant one.

I tend to forget that it isn't his job to make me happy, it's my job to make me happy, so this year, I will be celebrating Valentines by re-reading and sharing this wonderful piece about a happy relationship and working on making myself happy, with the certainty that our relationship can only benefit from it.

Happy Valentines, if you celebrate it!