Simple life lessons from a three year old - VI

When I shared the first simple life lesson, I was far from imagining how much I would learn from my three-year-old son. As he turns four today (you didn't see this coming, he told me today, being more right than he imagines), here are a few simple lessons I have been collecting in the pasts months, in their raw way... 

On a wider appreciation of all things:

Mummy, wake up, it's a lovely rainy day!

On timely feelings

I was just there! - I claimed upon his call, less than one minute after checking up on him in the middle of the night.
But mama, I miss you already!

On the true meaning of Christmas:

Is it Christmas morning already? - hearing this question for about two weeks every morning, I was quite glad to finally answer: Yes, it is! Do you remember what's expecting you downstairs? I ask, naively thinking he would be excited about the presents.
YES! he said, jumping from his bed in a leap - My aunts are waiting for me to play with them! He yelled, rushing downstairs...

On what it means to be a person (twice, because his mum seems to keep forgetting...)

Ping-pong conversation at night, I'm trying to  dissuade him from getting out of bed to grab his favourite toy: You favourite toy is right here! Where? Here!  I don't see it! It's me,  I'm your favorite toy. No! Am I not? No, mama, you're my favourite PERSON.

He comes to me with a box, showing off what he calls: my box of treasures. I question him about what dearest treasure he has in there, he replies that box it's too small for that. I look at him, waiting for some kind of explanation and finding his surprise that I didn´t get it already. So, taking a deep breath he continued...
People are my biggest treasure, mom.


  1. Children are the best teachers aren't they. We have a lot to learn from them. I feel truly blessed to be a mama. Happy Birthday to your little one.

    1. Oh, yes they are the best teachers. Most of the times I feel I'm the one learning more - I show him the basics of life, he remembers me of the most important things. I feel truly blessed as well, sustainablemum.

  2. Oh Happy Fourth Birthday to your son, and thank you for sharing the joy! Freda

    1. Thank you, Freda, I think he had a great fourth birthday. I'm so glad you enjoy these little stories... I'm hoping he will enjoy reading this someday as well. I Know I will :)

  3. Anonymous25.1.16

    What lovely lessons! Such a gift to have him. Happy 4th Birthday to him :-)

    1. He is indeed the best gift I could possible have. Thank you Lotta!

  4. Hello. I just blog hopped over here. What a wise head your little chap has on his four year old shoulders :)

    1. Hello Annie, I'm glad you hopped over my little space - Welcome!. I like to think that the wise comes from a kind heart :)

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Que ternura! E que grande menino!


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