The power of the unwritten posts

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I write about three or four posts a week.

Really: In my head, I write three or four posts a week.

Are they important/relevant? Mostly they are no better nor worse in relation to the ones that get published, except that once I've written them in my head, they appear to have fulfilled their job in arranging things inside my mind, and there is no need, nor time, for them to get out of the head into the blog.

My head is a constant streaming of thoughts and ideas (not brilliant, or even interesting, unfortunately, just a continuous flow). The best way I can explain it is that my thoughts are like a waving sea against the shore, nothing would be so strong as to tame them, and if I am not careful enough to be watching the shore, that sea will take and swallow me.

For the past years, I keep a habit of asking myself one question: "Am I complicating things?" to just about everything that I struggle with. This simple question has a positive impact in my life, as reality usually is simpler than my unfiltered view of things.  So, as I  navigate through the undesired busyness that 2016 seems to be gifting me with, I have been pondering about the advantages of letting this blog go.

You see, I know that I am my number one reader.

As self-centered as this is, I am probably the person who visits my blog more often, and certainly the one that learns and grows more from it. When I started, I had an image of this blog of a place where I shared my journey to simplicity, and it organically evolved to be an online journal, where I post the things I want to remember.

(For a while I convinced myself that I was doing it for the connection I've made and that I am certain I don't want to loose. But I could keep connecting through their blogs, I don't need a platform of my own to do that).

Ultimately I have been realizing that even though I tend to post the things I want to remember, blogging means so much more than the record of published posts. In fact, the blog posts written in my head have become the very best way to flow my thoughts without being drowned by them and  to keep the shore within reach. It makes all the difference.

So, yes, I write about three or four posts a week.

And, I post about three or four posts a month.

But there's a lot of invisible meaning in the process and through it, I am simplifying, not complicating. Even when I don't write, even when I don't share.

(All this being said, I did took some small steps into minimizing the amount of time I am on-line, and decided to unfollow about three-quarters of the blogs on Bloglovin. I do like to read all the blogs I used to follow, but at this point of my life I simply can't do everything I would like to do, so I am sticking to only a few ones for the time being. I am also trying to be a more active commenter instead of a passive reader, it is what makes sense to me right now and I feel that this way I can really interact and comment without dispersing too much.  If I followed your blog but don't any more, please know that I do enjoy your writing, I'm just not able to keep up with everything right now.)


  1. Anonymous9.4.16

    You've said a lot of how I feel too Cristiana, about blogging and about online time in general. I only read a handful of blogs now, but I value the connections made and the shared journeys. I think there is a lot of value in your blog for readers as well as for yourself. My own blog serves so many different purposes for me and although I post quite regularly, I also write a lot of posts in my head! I love that you visit and comment sometimes but I also won't be offended if you choose not to :-) I really understand that. And what a stunning picture! x

    1. I too value he connections I've made because of the blogging. Althrough  I've  pondered the usefulness of my own blog, I have every intention of mantaining those connections.  As for your blog, I've actually tried to add it to my bloglovin a couple of times, but your new blog doesn't appear there. I've even tried to add it myself, without success, I don't understand why. 
      I have been thinking a lot about your Dreams post, it has helped me understand a lot of my mixed up feelings. It funny actually, just before we were "talking" about the words we need finding us... 
      It is a stunning picture, it's a free resource from Canva that was perfect for this post. I have added the credits of it.

  2. What an interesting post Cristiana. I'd like to respond to it and link to it with a post of my own on the subject...but it seems to me if your blog is 'fulfilling its job' helping you 'learn and grow' and perhaps making you 'watch the shore' and feel safe - why would you stop doing it? And if you were not posting three of four posts a month would you even write the (valuable to you) ones in your head? Also being a passive reader of other blogs, however few, is just fine!
    Apart from some time saving I can't see the advantage of stopping. Maybe that is just selfish - I love your blog - your original take on things, and your honesty.

    1. Oh, please do link me to that post, I would love to read it. Sometimes I go trough your archives but I don't find it very easy to do because there is no link to the previous post. I do love when you link to older posts in your blog. Through I am learning and growing from my own blog, I am doing it so much with the intake from others, it's an amazing thing. But even good things need to be tempered sometimes. I can't thank enough for your words, they mean so much to me.

  3. I could have written this post. I do exactly the same with blog posts in my head especially about issues that I need to resolve which then do so I don't post about them. It is good to know that I am not the only one who does it. I hear you on the not having time to read and blog. I took a break last year as I couldn't fit it in anymore and stop reading any blogs completely for a few months. That pause gave me the time to reflect on what is important and I really missed blogging. So now I write less, I read blogs when I have the time (I deleted my entire bloglovin feed when I paused) and if I find myself not wanting to read posts by a blogger I delete their blog from my feed. I am glad that you will continue to write posts, they are always thought provoking and interesting. I will continue to come here to read how ever often you post :)

    1. Thank you, I glad I'm not the only one! It's  also good to know that you have been trough this not enough time thing, and how you dealt with it, and still do. The fact that you have found your balance encourages me and I'm hoping it will get easier for me too. 

  4. Simplificar a nossa "vida online" é tão bom!!!
    Eu também tenho muitos post escritos na minha cabeça...

  5. É tão fácil exagerar e ficar assoberbados, não é? Simplificar é sempre uma boa solução, para tudo! Fico contente por não ser a única...


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