Expanded consciousness


I am a sucker for seductive ideas. After being in love with the flow idea, I'm now absolutely fascinated by the expanded consciousness idea:

If you have a golf-ball-sized consciousness, when you read a book, you’ll have a golf-ball-sized understanding; when you look out a window, a golf-ball-sized awareness; when you wake up in the morning, a golf-ball-sized wakefulness; and as you go about your day, a golf-ball-sized inner happiness. But if you can expand that consciousness, make it grow, then when you read that book, you’ll have more understanding; when you look out, more awareness; when you wake up, more wakefulness; and as you go about your day, more inner happiness.
 David Lynch              

So how can one make it grow? In his book  Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity,  Lynch says that you expand your ball of consciousness from deep within through meditation (transcendental meditation in particular for him), and keep growing from there to the unbounded and infinite.


I have been meditating on and off for the past year and I can sense the possibility of this. But I doubt it's the only way. There were a few times in my life when I believe I have experienced a growth in my consciousness, usually related with a profound connection with nature (the view from the top of the mountain, special sunsets, star watching, ...) or learning new things,  but also on periods where I am the most melancholic and everything seems more clear and real to me, definitely  the moment I became a mother or (!) even after a few glasses of wine.

How do you expand your consciousness?


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