What does a baby really need?

When I was expecting, I felt overwhelmed about how much stuff I needed to welcome my baby. Of course I wanted to give him all the best, and everything seemed absolutelly needed... 

I´m not a consumer person, but before I noticed it, I was buying lots and lots of things. 

But the truth is, baby and toddlers don´t really need that much. They just need us, our time and a few things to be comfortable and happy. 
Most of the stuff, we buy for ourselves, we want to give them everything, because somehow giving things is a sign of love this days…
And it is, right? We like to give gifts to the ones we love. And if we can, why not splurge in those beautiful lovely tiny things that make us happy?

After a while we start feeling that we are not enough if we don’t have that paraphernalia of things our child “needs”. 
This was where I stopped feeding the machine. I am enough and my son is happy, even if we don´t have it all.

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