The early 2014, I set three specific objectives that I want to accomplish this year:

Sew - I have a basic sewing machine for some years now, just because I couldn’t resist buying it... even though I didn’t had a clue how to use it...
There are a few things that I just know i would be happy doing, and sewing is one of them, don´t ask me how, or why... (one other thing is contemporary dance, but that’s a little late to start now...)

Camera - Have no clue on how to use my NikonD5100, but how hard can it be, right?

Blog -This one is obvious, right? I hope to have the strength to keep this. I´m on a tuff schedule, so I'll have to work hard to keep this simple&happy.

I have been slowly working on them, but, with half a year gone by, I realise I need a game plan for these objectives, so that I can get them done...

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