On being a new blogger

It has been a month since I started this blog… The idea was on my mind for quite some time, and one day, precisely one month ago, I just decided to go for it. When I clicked the CREATE button, and realized I had no idea what I should write in that very first post, I immediately thought “ I should have sorted this out first… “

Of course, I had read some stuff on how to create a blog, but frankly, it all seemed very strategic, very market oriented, and although I do enjoy this areas, I wanted something really light, some outlet that allowed me to be a part of this internet community, so I kept some advice in my head and thought: just create it, and then you will figure it out in time (This is so a typical behaviour of mine, I’m realizing this blog is me since the beginning – Thus advice #1 I read on creating a blog - Your Blog should reflect who you are – checked).

Then I planned on posting 3 times a week…easy , my mind never stops and there are so many subjects to write about… obviously I now think it is not that easy… (nor I have any plans for post schedule)

Also, I started to think about advice #2 – Write great content – WHAT? OK, I have so many ideas and thoughts all the time in my head, but are they interesting? Are they adding something to what’s been said? Do I have the skills to write it well? Are they new? An honest answer is NO, to all of this questions.

I’m being so straightforward about this, because when getting to this part, I started to wandered on first posts of my favourite blogs, in order to find some help /some answers to see how did they putted their act together, but there weren´t any. It just seems that they start it and it just flows naturally… this really amazes me.

I am not sure where this will go, for now, I know only one thing for sure: starting this blog is helping me to put my head together. I have a dozen half-post notes on Evernote and, regardless of them ever being published or not, the process has been helpful to me, to know me and to develop as a person. And although I hadn’t expected it, it is a very pleasant surprise, one that I cherish deeply...

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