Taking Stock | October


When I read this, I thought this was a great way to have my feelings and thoughts and ramblings paired down to the essentials in a very simple way. I then went to the lovely Pips blog to get my blank list for this little exercise, with plans to fill it over the weekend.
It turned out it was not as simple as I thought... I ended up leaving a good part of the items blank, and giving up the idea of posting this.

So... I wasn't able to find anything to say in many items, blocking a lot more than I hoped for, but here's my incomplete list for October, hoping to get better on this in the future.

Making: homemade popcorns
Cooking: star shaped cookies
Drinking: lots of water, always
Reading: files from this really thoughtful blog
Looking: for wallets
Playing: design on Canva
Deciding: on getting bangs again
Wishing: sunny fall days
Waiting: Information needed to finish a work project (why doesn't anyone manage deadlines?)
Wondering: if I'll ever take decent photos
Loving: small vacation preparatives
Pondering: writing posts in portuguese
Considering: yoga lessons
Watching: shameless 
Marvelling: apples in my garden!
Needing: to replace my loved but used-out wallet
Smelling: coffee, I would be able to stop drinking it, if only it didn't smell so gooooood
Wearing: summer dresses in October!
Noticing: as we value too much little things instead of the big picture
Knowing: I will be happy
Thinking: I should write more
Sorting: photos
Disliking: people talking badly of co-workers
Opening: e-mails
Giggling: toddler talk
Feeling: secure of myself
Snacking: dry apple
Coveting: home images in pinterest
Helping: (trying to) help a friend
Hearing: a friend I'm trying to help


  1. Que ideia tão gira!!!
    Vou experimentar.

    1. Também achei! Partindo das mesmas palavras, as respostas são tão diferentes, não é? Vou gostar de ver a tua perspectiva, se decidires publicar!


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