Simple tip... to better mornings

I shared a bit of my mornings here. Calm mornings, slow mornings...
But the truth is, there is a lot of intentionality in these mornings. I worked my way into a routine that allows morning actions to flow without the need of thinking on what I'm doing.
Here is a simple hack that helped me minimize the time to get ready and the anxiety of not being sure if I had put deodorant that day, for example (not a random example, unfortunately).
This tip comes both from common sense and applying work productivity strategies to our personal lives:


How do I apply it to my mornings:

I keep all my beauty items in one pouch, that I place at my left side. After I use an item from the pouch, I place it to my right side, so, at any given point at my left are the items I have to use and at right the item already used. When I'm finished, I just throw everything back in the pouch, ready for next morning.

Note the advantages:
  • This routine allows you to get ready quickly - everything in one place, you're not reaching different places for your stuff; 
  • Confidence that you did everything you're suppose to do, without double checking your mind. 
Bonus advantages:
  • Clear countertops, neat to look at and easy to clean; 
  • Unreachable items for a curious toddler. 

So, this is one of the ways I hack this tip in my everyday life. I also use it for cooking and on my work desk (inbox- left, outbox- right). I think of this kind of tips as working with the natural tendency of our body, enhancing the flow.

(I also find curious that my sweet boy plays like this with puzzles and legos despite I never encourage this behavior, which seems to support this theory, but I guess it can just be mimic).

Do you also apply this kind of tips daily? Do you think they are useful?


  1. Ola! Desconhecia esta dica...mas pensando bem na minha rotina matinal eu faço quase a mesma coisa!

    1. Não me admira nada Raquel! As pessoas com uma tendência natural para a organização fazem-no intuitivamente :) Beijos

  2. What a brilliant idea! I popped over after reading your comment on Live Simply Simply Live. Have enjoyed catching up on your posts and have bookmarked your blog :) penny Lx

    1. Thank you Penny! It's so nice to know you've enjoyed passing by, and will be back! See you soon :)