Saying Goodbye to the old year and Hello to the new one

Thoughts on doing it intentionally
This is the time to wrap up the old year and gather hopes for the fresh new one coming. And I'm no exception, I enjoy looking back at the past year and take stock of my accomplishments and learnings. And I too make plans for things I would like to accomplish during the next year. I find that taking stock allows us to know ourselves, and the better we know ourselves, the better we can use that information in order to prepare a life scenario that sets us up for success in our intentions instead of one made of shifting waters sucking us down. For example, this idea of a "new year, new life" that we like to believe is a total bust. New year resolutions as a magic treat for our life, don't work. I mean, it never worked for me. What works for me? Embracing the idea that our lives are a continuum act, our past actions brought us to where we are right now, and what we do in the present will lead to our future. If you really think about it, it makes no sense to believe that one day you will wake up to a totally different place. I'm not saying you can ever change yourself and your life, but that the change never happens overnight. There is no really reboot for us. Life is organic.
For the next days, I will be reflecting on the past year and set the tone for 2015, having this organic life idea in my mind and this tweaked quote from Bill Gates as background:


Do you also reflect on the past year? Will you be making plans/ setting objetives for the upcoming year?

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