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November is one of the most difficult months in the year for me. Work is ruthless, leaving very few time for anything else. On top of that, sickness has made a point to affect everyone at home, so looking back at November, feels like all I've done was either work like crazy or take care of someone. Thankfully, this is not a typical month, it's a signalized occasion when priorities have to change a bit and balance is not present. But December is right there, with vacation time: lots of ME time & FAMILY time which seem to have been at minimal rates last month. And I found it amazing how this exercise displays that, validating my initial theory of feelings and thoughts and ramblings being pared down to the essentials when taking stock like this.

Cooking: only for others, and being very badly feeded myself
Drinking: less water than I should
Wanting: for november to be over = closed projects
Playing: way less than I should
Deciding: nothing actually...postponing decisions to clear minded days
Enjoying: seeing projects to end and seeing the final result
Waiting: for a truly Christmas spirit to kick in
Wondering: is there a way for slower Novembers?
Loving: sitting in a rocking chair listening to lullabies at the end of the day
Hoping: this cold doesn't take too long to heal
Smelling: honey everywhere
Wearing: too light clothes for the season
Noticing: it´s all about seeking balance
Knowing: I'm doing the best I can
Admiring: People who give... all year around
Buying: Nothing: no time = no shopping!
Getting: up early
Disliking: people's opinion when not asked for
Feeling: sick and tired
Snacking: instead of proper eating
Coveting: ideas at the back of my mind for 2015
Helping: it feels like i´m helping everyone, not in a good way
Hearing: "O que é?" (What is that?) several times a day, from a very curious toddler

I'm adapting an idea found via Practicing Simplicity. If you would like to try it, there's a blank page for you to fill here. I found it to be very difficult to check all items, so I'm opting to not force myself to check them all. Some months will be filled than others, just like real life does. I'll also probably be tweaking this a bit in the future, by adding some items of my own.

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  1. Espero que já estejam todos bem! Aqui a doença também nos deu uma visita, mas já passou!
    Gosto muito desta ideia...tenho que experimentar fazer :)

    1. Oh, estamos bem melhor, obrigada! Nada melhor do que um fim de semana prolongado para recuperar :) Beijos


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