Changes and parenting with simplicity

I'm slowly noting how much things changed from when I as a child myself. There's a lot about today's kids dynamics that I'm still learning. And honestly, I can't help wondering: how do things get so complicated?

In my son's day care, they allow a small party in the child birthday. They ask for a home-made cake, and parents are allowed to join the party. We are all pretty excited his upcoming birthday!

Since September, When he joined, there were a few birthday parties, and on all of them, the birthday-child (parents) offered a small gift to the others (keepsake).

I honestly don't know where this comes from, and lapse to see the point. But I know that it has nothing to do with us, so I was debating whether I should do it or not. At the very least, I wanted it to make sense.

What can you give as a keepsake to two-to-three-year-old babies that makes sense? One of the parents gave a small bag with home-made cookies, and I remember thinking that it was a good way to do it. "I could do something like this", I thought at the time.

But then I came up with (what it seems to me) an even better idea: What if I would give them something for them to play together? One gift, to all of them, and that could be used for years to come by so many other kids? I talked with the school and they approved.

So, for now, I'm quite content with the way I unravelled this, but I anticipate many of these small dilemmas for years to come. If you have any solution or insight on this, please do share! I Know I will need all the help possible!

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