The problem with big rocks

On a recent talk about time management, I was addressing Stephen Covey Big Stones story. This is one of my favourite stories to start the discussion about time management, because it sets people on the right state of mind: it isn't just about try harder, or try better to do everything in have in your plate, or to use every single space you have to do something, but about choosing your big rocks and prioritize them.

But more and more, I have been realizing that we simply can't put all our big rocks. Let's say, you're a women. And you have a boyfriend/husband. And you have a child. And you have pets. And you have a career.  And you like to be active. And you have a constant need for knowledge and creativity. And you need some rest and quiet time.
If you're something like me, you have all this big rocks to put in your limited jar. Yes, these are too many rocks, but these are important, they are all BIG (to me, of course), and no, they don´t all fit in the jar at the same time.

I am a pretty organized women. With the help of GTD and Evernote, I can be quite productive. Sometimes I get asked how do I do it. The truth? I don't. There is always something I am not doing, and I am really aware about it. And I accept it.

 I understand that this provably isn't the advice anyone wants to hear, but it's the truth: there´s a big probability that you will never be able to do it all, no matter what system or tools or time you have in your hand.
The good news? It's perfectly OK! You can still achieve a lot, and above of all, be happy while doing it.

This post is a reminder and a self-note on my recent failure on catching up with the simple living challenge...


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