Simple life challenge - Three things that bring meaning to your life


Going my way through the simple living challenge, I reflected on the things that bring meaning to my life. The guide line was to think about the events of a typical week and identify those moments when we feel joy, peace and fulfilment. It was one of my favourite things to do so far. As I read it, without really thinking, I though it would be easy. In fact, it wasn't difficult to define what brings meaning to my life, but the path of reducing the list to three showed to be a defiant one.

In the end, I narrowed the list down to the following ones:

Without any doubt of a kind, my family is the thing that makes most sense in my heart and in my mind.

personal growth
To read, to question, to learn, to develop, to experiment, to think, to create... are a part of me and are just fundamental to me as to breathing to my life.

I want my actions to undoubtedly reflect my beliefs, and hopefully add something to the people I meet in my life. I don't ever want to be the person telling this is right or this is wrong, but I hope that my practice can show that there are many ways to act on life, and the way you act is your choice entirely.

Do you ever think about are the things that bring the most meaning to your life? Can you narrow it to three? I found that specially for those with many passions and in a constant search for balance and happiness this narrowing can be very important to have present and guide decisions.

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