Simple life lessons from a 3 year old


Around eight am, we're driving to school (day care). We live in a village 10 minutes away from the city. I was up very early and was feeling a bit tired (already!...), so I was just driving in silence. We must have been travelling quietly for about 5 minutes, when he says:

- Mummy, I like touring by car.

I was caught up by the unexpected, so I just said:

- Do you?

- YES! He replied, with great enthusiasm - I Like to see the sky, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the mountain! Also the road, the cars and the signs!

Brief silence, I was noticing that he had separated nature from human touch (wow) and quickly trying to step up my talk to pair his, nothing good enough coming to my mind, when he assertively concludes:

- I like touring by car a lot and lots.

PS: I'll be making a pause on blogging for the next month or so.
 I'm hoping to be back towards the end of march! See you! 
Stay well and live intentionally. I am trying to!


  1. Que menino lindo!!!
    Até daqui a um mês! Beijinho

  2. How lovely! Children can teach us a thing or two..

    1. They can, can't they? It has been one of the most pleasant surprises about motherhood...


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