Simple truth: perfection is overrated

(Or those moments when the universe conspires in favour of true beauty)

I find that the most beautiful moments happen out of the unexpected, unplanned times!

Yesterday, I had planned to go home alone and a bit earlier to finish some projects I have going on that I can't work when JP is hovering around me. But unexpected things happened and I had to pick him from daycare, leaving us with the whole afternoon and the early evening to ourselves, as P would only arrive by dinner time.

We made popcorns and giggled together every time they pop out, and then we started scavenging the house looking for a treasure (please read fabric scraps) to make a Tiger Mask! (we found orange and white scraps and then used an old shoe fabric bag for the black stripes). It was an adventure, but nothing compared to the cutting of the hand-drawn pattern (inspiration here) - you know, a scissor is such a fantastic/magic tool. Then, another big moment: the sewing machine comes out of the closet! I think he associates the machine to fun, because the only times he sees it is when I sew something for him to play, so if it is out, we're surely having a good time. (Note to self: I should use it more).

I sewed it with him on my lap, pretending he was sewing, attempting to choose the stitches and changing them. It is everything but perfectly sewed, yet it is the most perfect mask I could have done and has brought play and delight to the rest of our evening!

Today I had a difficult day, with some possibly disturbing news, but coming home to this mask just made me realise that life is good, no matter what, life is magic and we should smile, because we know that magic can and will happen again very soon, when we least expect.

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. São tão bons estes pequenos momentos que se tornam tão grandes :) Boa semana

    1. São mesmo:) Um beijinho,Raquel!