Taking Stock | January


Making| a simple life challenge
Baking| a birthday cake for my little man who's turned three (times does fly...)
Cooking| winter soups to warm up cold evenings
Drinking| wonder forest tea, a lovely Christmas present perfect for this season
Looking| forward living 2015
Playing| houses with legos
Deciding| a word of inspiration
Enjoying| 10-15 minutes of daily yoga at home
Accepting| work annual evaluations
Pondering| Accept/decline a work opportunity
Considering| on what’s relevant to my life
Welcoming| this weekend visitors
Needing| time & courage for tidying in "the Marie Kondo way"
Smelling| spices
Touching| a little bit of snow
Wearing| warm woollen beanies and scarves
Noticing| I need to contact my friends more often
Sorting| ideas
Buying| Two cardigans (on sale) to complete my winter capsule wardrobe
Thinking| twice before talking
Fighting| complaining tendencies
Feeling| content by how good the year 2014 was
Hearing| interesting toddler perspectives about life in general 

This is my tweaked version of taking stock. You can find the original idea (and a blank page for you to fill if you'd like it) at Meet me at Mikes

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