Simple life lessons from a 3 year old - II

[As my son's growing up, I can see little pieces of me in him sometimes. Sometimes, I see his father. It makes me pleased when I see our good features, and embarrassed when I see not so good things and notice to myself that I have to step up. Notwithstanding, I see that he is so much more than what he picks up from us, and I'm often so proud]


We were walking in the fields nearby our home, and one of our dogs was trying to eat the grass - at least, this was what I saw. My son saw a different thing as he quickly went to stop her: "don't eat those plants, there are flowers growing on them!"

He was so sure of himself that our dog immediately stopped and we could notice that it was true, spikes of small, wind-pollinated little flowers were blooming in those weeds and he made a point on saving them.

I know he is growing in an environment where we show respect for nature, but I notice a level of sensibility that goes beyond this respect in my son.

I wonder if we are all born with this kind of sensibility and then it gets lost as we grow because it's not nourished enough.


  1. I love that the dog paid attention too!

    1. It was a great deal, that dog is a rebel who usually takes her time to obey us!


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