Spring and optimism

Hi there! I'm back from my little break, a time much needed for completing others projects. It felt good having one less preoccupation, but I've missed this blogging thing. So... here I am again!

Life has been treating me pretty good. The days are sunnier and the flowers are blooming which leads me to approach and feel the days passing in a much happier and lighter way!

I know that there is exactly the same number of hours on winter versus spring days, but days seem so bigger now... I love it!

I'm also feeling very optimistic about my writing flow here on the blog. I've been reading about habits and rhythm and making experiences in my own life and feel very excited to share them here soon.

I hope you'll like it, and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


  1. Welcome back! Hope you're still enjoying sunshine, it's been beautiful here in Dorset!

    1. Thank you! It's actually rainy today... April is a raining month here in Portugal (we have a say that goes " April a thousand waters"- it rimes in Portuguese: abril águas mil) which is very good for agriculture, but still, I'm keeping  my eye on the forecasts wishing for sunnier days...
      Just had a look at Dorset pictures on the Internet, and was amazed by the beauty!

  2. Bem vinda!
    A primavera é sempre um recomeço, não é?

    1. É bem verdade, e os recomeços são tão bons!

  3. Fico contente por estares de volta! :)
    Beijinho grande