Feels like...home

I thought I would give an answer to my own question, as it helps me organize my thoughts and ideas, and share with you the most beautiful declaration of love in the world:

(This quotation really makes my thoughts so so small...anyway, here I go...) 

What does a home feel like to me?

In an ideological point of view, it has to be an extension on our lives, and on our ideals. It has to feel as comfortable and safe like a mum womb and invite adventure and risk-taking like a world map does. It must respect our past and history, nurture family life and ground for our future.

In a practical point of view, it has to be eco-conscious, uncluttered, easy to clean and to keep up with, with plenty of space for everyone's activities.

In a design point of view, it would be somewhere in the balance of Scandinavian houses with Bohemian houses, if that even exists. I'm guessing not exactly, but hey, it feels good to me. I love plenty of light, white as a background, wood floors, colour all around, wicker accessories, art & photos on the walls, texture everywhere and plants, lots of plants.


  1. O design Escandinavo é uma bela fonte de inspiração! Gostei imenso do blogue!

    1. Oh... Muito obrigada! Beijinhos