How to transform your House into a Home?

I recently realized that I live in my house for eight years now. EIGHT years! Time is relentless passing by...  just yesterday we were signing the papers for the biggest financial investment of our life: our home, and now we are eight years older... how does that happen anyway?

As I'm sure happens a lot, the house filled our main criteria (located just outside the city where we work, but distant enough so we can feel the country living, with some outside space, spacious divisions and within our budget limit), but there were many things I meant to change on its inside so that it would be our home... but I never did. 

Other priorities appeared (heating issues, flood issues, oh... the joys of owning). So, life went on, years passed by, and our interior changed little to nothing. 

I've been waiting for the money to revamp it, and in the meanwhile it fails to feel like home. You know, that feeling coming home to your space and feel completely comfortable, secure and happy? That´s how I felt in every house I lived, but didn't quite reach it yet with my very own house. And none of those houses were perfect, but I knew I couldn't change them, so I just worked with what I had.

Somehow, it was easier to me to make a home with less space, less options, and mainly, less aim for perfection. Well, I'm rambling to get to this point: I've decided I'm no longer waiting for the possibility of transforming it roots, I'm working with what I have to make it our own.


(snippets of our house)

Does your house feels like home to you?

What does it feel like and how did you get there?


  1. E transformar uma casa num lar é uma boa aventura! Boas "intervenções"!

  2. Gosto muito da minha casa. Acho que vou gostando cada vez mais. :)

    1. É tão boa essa sensação! É mesmo aí que espero chegar em breve!