Is time management only about prioritizing?

Marão Montains | Portugal

There are times when I can't help feeling behind on some areas of my life.  And sometimes, I think I'm just plain crazy for adding even more in my agenda. But I do get so excited for doing new things, I can't help myself. And the notion that time management is only about prioritizing fails to work for me.

Usually, my way of dealing with things is to have a clear perception that there are times when things lend on some priorities over another's. Sometimes is family, sometimes is work, and sometimes is plain rest time or whatever... The past two weeks have been slightly insane at work, so the house is a (liveable) mess, we ate leftovers from our mother's house, and the kindergarten activity I must do this month with my son is still on the asap list...

In times like this I realise how important it is to have routines in my life, they are the base that keeps things hanging on while I don't have the proper time to address them like I want to. (Because - yes, ) there will be time for everything in our lives, just not at the same time. And for those of us who want to prioritize too many rocks, it's important to find a way of not letting them fall while our focus shifts, hence the need for established routines. So routines are the key factor in my personal time management system. I believe they set me up for success instead of failure. And they do so well on allowing the flow...

For me it works (for the most part at least), although I understand this may not make sense to many people.

Are you a pro-routine person? Or do you believe they take out spontaneity and creativity? 


  1. Olá! Bem eu sou sem dúvida uma pessoa de rotinas e cada vez estão mais vincadas no meu dia-a-dia...Não consigo deixar as coisas andarem ao sabor do vento! Beijinho enorme :)

    1. Olá Raquel! Por acaso implementei um hábito que mencionaste uma vez no teu blog: o pôr a roupa para o dia seguinte quando chego a casa. Antes fazia à noite , mas eram muitas as vezes em que o cansaço me fazia saltar esse passo. Já tenho o hábito de trocar de roupa assim que chego a casa, por isso é mesmo facil arrumar a desse dia e aprontar a do dia seguinte! Nem sei como nunca tinha pensado nisso, é brilhante! Obrigada, beijinhos