Simple life lessons from a 3 year old - III


We were celebrating the municipal holiday at the city hall and there were lots of toys displayed everywhere! I remembered being a child I would always get a new toy by this time of the year, and it was always so exciting... I knew we would probably end up getting something for my son as well.
We spotted some appealing musical instruments, a portuguese guitar, an accordion... They were lovely, but he had his eyes and mind on something else: an old-style magnifying glass. Initially we said he was too small for it, and asked him if he would prefer other toys. I even suggested:

-"A drum?" - which I knew I would regret, but thought he would love.

-"No", he said.

-"A truck?"

-"No! No! No! I want this!", he kept saying, pointing at the magnifying glass (lupa, in portuguese)

- "But, that's a Lupa..." 

- "Yes! yes! I want a Lupa. Please?

We were thinking that he didn't even knew what it was for, but we decided that three euros was a fair prize to pay for the momentary delight on seeing his joy. It was.
It ended up being priceless, as we asked him when we were coming home:

-"Did you enjoyed our afternoon?

- yes!

- What was your favourite part? "(we were expecting to hear "the carousels", but...)

-"My lupa", he answered.

-"Your lupa?"

-"Yes, now I can see the ladybugs!"


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