HOME | Step 3. Define your goals and strategy

My resources are limited and I want to make sure that I do the things that have the greater impact on the end result. Because I have an issue with procrastination, I need to establish a deadline - although the process of establishing a home is an ongoing thing, the project must be finite.

This is why I ponder the actions I feel I must take the insight of all the information I gathered (step one and two), until the end of this year (self-imposed deadline).

I’m prioritizing my actions in the face of my situation and the expected results: I want my house to be a safe and healthy place AND I want my house to have a nice décor. There are several actions I can take on both of this areas, but having to choose, I will prioritize one over another, that I will do before, dedicate more time and more resources. This choice is based upon a personal choice that may differ from person to person, but the process of prioritizing is a key factor in any project, so that you don’t end up doing a lot of work with poor results.
In a more practical point of view, because I have a limited budget, I can either use it to paint the house or change the floors right now, although I would like to do both and they both feel important.
In the end, I’m choosing to paint the house, because: 
  • Dam walls bother me more than ugly floors
  • It’s an opportunity to enhance the light coming in
  •  We can do it ourselves, saving money, spending fun time together, and making it our own

This means I am not going to change the floor of our living room right now, but I accept it because I’ve considered it, and choose to go another way for the moment. This may seem like a small detail, but in a mind all or nothing like mine, it makes a huge difference. Personally, if I don’t go through this process, I will want to do everything, and since I can’t I will wait for that moment to come, and never do anything at all.

There are some ideas/intentions that I won’t tackle for now, but I’m confident that my choices are right. Either way, now that I’ve listed them, there is space for improvement, and the opportunity presents, they can be tackled. For now, this will be enough.


  1. Parece-me um óptimo plano!

    1. A pratica é um pouco mais complicada! Pintar ... Onde tinha eu a cabeça? Enfim!

    2. Eh, eh!!! Que tal está a correr?

    3. :) estamos quase, quase a terminar!