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This step will probably take a while, but here is some of the progress we’ve made so far:
We have painted the house
You can’t imagine how relieved I am that this job is finally done! After some hard work of treating, sanding, preparing and painting, there are no more dam walls in our home. We also managed to hide those ugly TV and net cables inside the wall before painting, which is something I would never dream we were capable of! 

We have macro-decluttered the house
Having to clear all the rooms in order to paint presented us the perfect opportunity to consider every item when putting it back. In the book “The life-changing magic of tidying”, Marie Kondo advises to take each item in one’s hand and ask if it sparks joy. She states that the trick is to handle each item, because when you touch it, the answer to if it sparks joy or not is clear. She was of course referring to items as clothes or books and not advising to physically feel the weight of all our possessions by handling your furniture (this extreme kondoing was something we tried on our own risk), but I apprehend  the advice to handle an item in order to decide whether to keep it or not, instead of just looking at it. Admittedly, I found it strange when I read it, but to actually feel the effect your stuff has in you is easy. After making the effort to carry the items out of the room, it was stress-free to know which items were worth to take back in. Real simple. 
Some of the items didn’t make the cut going back into the rooms, and I am most pleased with the results of the furniture-declutter.

Some pieces that didn't go back inside the living room. They were either given away or migrated into another room.

A fun question for you: 
Have you ever tried picking up your furniture in order to see if it sparks joy? 

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