Monthly learnings | August

picture from a sign's park:

Do not take anything besides photos.

Do not leave anything besides footprints.

Do not kill anything besides time.

Do not burn anything besides calories.

Month overview:

August was the calmest month.  Even the weeks I worked were slower than usual. In theory, a great time to work, but my procrastination tendency enhances in times like this.  I hate being inefficient. I cherish down time, but not when I am supposed to be working. Not when I am being paid to work. A wasp as stung on my arm, giving me unbearable pain that felt like karma for my poor behaviour. Then, two weeks by the beach. No schedule, no chores, no routines, just resting, reading, talking, playing, recharging. Coming home feels as good as leaving for vacations to me. I feel very grounded right now as if I stand exactly where I am supposed to be in the journey of my life. I have so much to learn, to work on, in many aspects of my life, but I know I am  evolving in a slowly but steady way.
Moments of reassurance like this are vital when life rushes again, and it will, very soon.

Wrapping the learnings:

I must address my procrastination issues again because they easily take over me.
Wear neutral colours and long sleeved shirts near nests of wasps.
It's important to put things in perspective when evaluating our journey.

Learning from you:

Are you a procrastinator? Why do you think you procrastinate, and how do you cope?


  1. Maybe it is just human nature to procrastinate! We all do it, but I follow Fly Lady's advice and try to make Wednesdays 'anti-procrastination day' which helps a bit...www.flylady.net

    1. Yes we all do it to some extend. There's even a study claming that pigeons procrastinate as well!

  2. Sorry about the wasp stings - so painful!

    1. Thanks! Powerfull litle ones, the wasps...