Simple life lessons from a three year old - IV

It's about nine p.m. I'm sitting on the chair next to my son's bed, reading a story. This is part of our bed-night routine in order to get him to sleep, yet, it's me, sitting at the comfortable chair, who feels ready for bed. But I keep reading. Every single word of every single page, as I've given up trying to short cut the story so we both can go to sleep sooner. He never lets me go away with that. So, tonight, despite my somnolence, I am following our unwritten agreements in this bed-night routine, and reading every single word of every single page until I finish the story.
Closing the book, I kiss him goodnight and turn out the light. It's on our unwritten agreement. Why is he standing, balancing the pillow over his head?

"Mom, I want to show you a fun thing! Isn't this fun?" He laughs at me. I take a deep breathe. "You know what would be really, but really fun?" I ask, attempting to redirect his enthusiasm. His curious face shows me that I succeeded. "To lie down, close your eyes and sleep, so you can dream with good things!"
"Good things?" His eyes shine as he imagines it "I'm going to dream with pasta!"

Of course, I cooked pasta the next day! Of course, with a huge smile on my face while doing it!


  1. I just love these posts! You tell it so well and bring back memories too.

    1. Children do make us parents delight on this special moments :)