Embracing the weirdness takes the edge off of everything, even death. Whenever you’re worried about “big picture” ideas, such as war, climate change, crime, corporate greed, you can remember that this whole weird thing called life justhappened, and it’s always fresh and interesting, even though nobody really asked for it. And in that light, the thought of it ending one day doesn’t seem distressing at all—when your time comes, all you can do is say, “Wow, that was odd.”

seagulls at sea

Month overview:
September was the fastest month so far. New school for JP, new obligations that I'm trying to fit in our schedule. For now, my yoga at home practice gave in, of course when I needed it the most.  JP has developed a thirst of knowledge that I do my best to satisfy, maybe not always in the best way. It seems to be a constant limbo this motherhood thing, one minute I know I am doing everything the way I'm  supposed to,  the other I'm afraid of not be doing enough. (Is it always going to be like this?). The beginning of new projects at work, without past experience to support decisions and actions, and everyone not directly involved pointing an allegedly better way to do things was the biggest challenge this month. I know that there is always someone ready to talk bad, I am not naive to think otherwise, but when you aren't yourself secure of what you're doing, it's definitely harder to take everything in (or out). On top of that, some crazy unbalanced hormones and a great probability of having to let go of a life dream, I would say this last month was one of the kind that really tested my life's beliefs. This has been a particularly unbalanced month, but I'm pretty sure I'll look back at this month with a greater sense of gratitude not long from now.

Wrapping the learnings:
  • Motherhood is a constant challenge, one that gets better and harder at the same time (at least, for the time being).
  • There is a fine line between hearing others and paralyse with so many opinions. If nothing seems to work, follow your gut and just go on.

Learning from you:

  • Do you know a graceful way to embrace criticism while going your own way? 


  1. Olá :)
    Posso dizer que o meu mês de Setembro também foi um pouco atribulado. Também houve mudanças de hábitos com a chegada da minha filha e como te compreendo quando dizes "It seems to be a constant limbo this motherhood thing".
    Que o mês de Outubro seja cheio de sorrisos :)

    1. Olá Raquel! Pois, Setembro é um mês de recomeços, não é? E embora os recomeços sejam bons, levamos sempre algum tempo a habituar-nos :)  Por aqui as coisas começam a acalmar e seguir o seu ritmo natural, com sorrisos ...sempre!