Simple life lessons from a three year old - V

Today's simple life lesson is quite diverse from the previous ones. I pondered on publishing it for a while since I clearly don´t do well in this particular story. Seeing your life through your son's eyes can be a cold call to the truth. But it gave me plenty of food for thought and it ended up being a truly lesson in my life.
This is life, flaws included, and this lesson showed me one flaw I wasn't aware I had before my little one pointed it out to me.

Morning, a car blocks us at the roundabout, I have to suddenly stop, the car behind us buzzes loudly at the situation.

What was this?
I'm sorry, mama had to break or we would have crushed with that car... It's nothing, were OK.
No, the noise!
The buzz?
Yes, why did he buzz? 
He had to break as we did, I guess he was not happy that the car in front of us didn't follow the rules.
But why did he buzz?
To show that he didn't like that, I guess...
But you weren't mad, we're you?
No, I didn't like it either, but I choose not to be mad at people I don't even know (quite satisfied an opportunity appeared so I can show him some kindness to strangers in the act).
Oh yes! (he got it, good! A few seconds later, I am still holding my self-attributed good mom's medal)- You only get mad at papa, isn't it?
I felt like a truck did crash me and my shiny medal into the gutter. His father had a good laugh at the story that night, though...


  1. Delicioso! E dei uma boa gargalhada.

    1. Vá-lá que dá para isso.. eu também já consigo rir, mas não sem engolir em seco antes :)

  2. I hope you had a laugh too! We have a saying 'out of the mouths of babes....' He is very observant your little one! :)

    1. I do laugh now, but I took it hard at the time..:) He is observant and this was right on the spot!