A simple tip... for meaningful productivity

After some years of being somehow glorified, multi-tasking is gradually losing appeal. I am not fond of multi-tasking, as I understand we are not naturally wired that way (the multi-tasking term is related to computers, right?).  Nonetheless, sometimes I find it very hard to let go of trying to multitask  since there is usually so many things going on in my  life (or in my brain, at least) that I often find myself in the multi-tasking void.  I think I am not alone in this feeling, so I would like to share a simple trick that helps me to be more centered while feeling productive at the same time:

Doing one task (one!) being fully present and focused on it,  however, that task fulfills  more than one purpose. 
In practice, I look for ways to fulfill several purposes from a single activity instead of doing several activities at once. Despite being more challenging to identify that single task or activity, when it happens, it's  magic! 

Here is  an example:

On the weekends, I like to spend quality & quantity time with my son (isn't LOVE spelled TIME in a family?), but I also need to use the extra time on the weekends to do so many other things, for instance, to plan and prepare our week ahead so that everything goes smoothly during the weekdays. In the light of this multi-purposing theory, I started  doing baking sessions with my son on the weekends. So, on Saturdays, we always spend two to three hours together in the kitchen, baking (we've tried cakes, cookies and muffins so far).

By doing this, I'm able to be entirely present and focused on the task at hand, while fulfilling different purposes:

  • I'm spending time with my son, creating something together; 
  • He is learning valuable information on seasons, ingredients, chemistry and  security in the kitchen; 
  • He is developing small motor skills (pouring, stirring, sprinkling, molding, ... he doesn't crack the eggs yet, but I will - gladly -  have to let him try very  soon);
  • It makes my life so much easier during the week since everything is prepared in advance;
  • We enjoy delicious healthy snacks throughout the week;
  • This whole process integrates him in our family philosophy on food.

Bonus advantages:

  • The house smells so good after our sessions!
  • There is always something good to offer if someone stops by on the weekends.

And... it feels more human than multi-tasking, doesn't it?


  1. I am very impressed .with your multi-purpose thinking! (As well as with your English, as you know.) Freda

    1. I'm sorry for taking so long to respond to your comment. Blogging in English is another example of multi-purposing, I wanted to write a blog and improve my fluency in the language, hence ...
      Thank you for your kind words, which have been of great motivation to me :)

  2. Que maravilha de texto e que sábias palavras que escreves. Vivo integralmente em multi-tasking, numa correria louca mesmo ao fim-de-semana. Espero, espero mesmo, que escrevas mais sobre este tema pois ajuda-me imenso. So good to read you ;)

    1. Obrigada, Andorinha, fico muito satisfeita se estas palavras são de alguma forma úteis. Sei bem o que é essa correria e como por vezes parece impossível viver para além dela quando se tem bebés. Mas eles vão crescendo e nós vamos aos poucos encontrando outras formas :)