“No to laugh, not to lament, not to detest, but to understand.”  
Baruch Spinoza


Month overview: 

My best friend came to visit us for a few days in earlier November. I had forgotten how good it is to just hang around my favourite people, how smoothly the hours unravel, talking, cooking, eating, playing, ...life is definitely better when she is around. It feels great to know that this kind of friendship doesn't fade, no matter how long we're living our lives on our own, being bad at reaching for each other. Other than that, November is typically a rather demanding month at work, and this one was no exception.
Regardless of my fairly protected daily life, November was a sad month due to the recent acts of terrorism.  I strive to understand, yet I fail. To write on the blog felt a little pointless and vain, however, it was helpful and reassuring to read about so many acts of kindness that followed these  events (many of this I became acquaintance through blogs). People opening their homes to shelter the victims is how I'm choosing to remember this. I watched a father explaining to his son (which seemed to be around the age of my own) that yes, bad men have guns but we have flowers and candles, for protection.  So beautiful and so innocent...makes me wish to be a little girl so I can believe it as well.

Wrapping the learnings:

  • As the thin line between freedom and safety bends before our eyes, I strive to choose kindness and  knowledge. 
  • I shouldn't allow life to be so busy that I neglect to call my best friend. We're happier when were connected.

Learning from you:

  • How do you choose to remember this November?

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