October was a settlement month. I wasn't quite ready for all the sudden changes that happened in September, so I have been gradually adjusting our routines until we are in a rhythm that suits our lives in the best way possible. I was wondering about the incertitude of motherhood, and I found the most simple answer:
Family life is ever-shifting; just when you think you’ve settled into certain routines or figured out a few things, something changes.


Month overview:

  • October changes were all for the best, and I was incredibly lucky to have a huge personal problem suddenly resolved by pure luck. Thank you, Universe!
  • My son is in pre-school already. It's is such a rewarding feeling to see him grow and being more HIM day-by-day.  I am yet to understand how can two introverts parents end up with such a social easy going Kid.  We were really lucky with this little one. Wherever he goes, he naturally makes friends with everyone, kids or adults. Last year the teacher evaluated him as a calm boy. Just like his mother, she added, and  I took it as a compliment to me. I don't know what his teacher will tell me this year, but I'm sure it  won't involve calm or like his mother :)
  • We've retaken our simple house made a home project this month and I feel so pleased on how things are evolving.
  • Autumn is fully here and I'm embracing it as much as I can.  Admiring the myriad of colours from the trees, hearing the crack of the leaves as they smother my steps, wrapping myself in cozy clothes, preparing pumpkins and chestnuts recipes,  entering a warm house when it's already cold outside, cuddling on the sofa hearing the rain outside, ending the day with a hot cup of tea... Have I mention I adore this season? All seasons really, in their ever ending cycle of change, happening in such a familiar way that feels new every time it happens.

Wrapping the learnings:

  • There is a time to do everything, and if we follow nature's rhythm it will be easier to find a life's rhythm of wellness and plenitude.

Learning from you:

  • In what ways do you integrate the seasons on your daily life? 

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