"We are here, in this moment that waited its turn since the beginning of times. We are here, the path is also a place"
José Luís Peixoto 

Month overview:

December was sugary sweet, cinnamon-scented and slowed paced. In a good, natural way. A perfect closing for the slowest year I can remember. In December I enjoyed my home, spent time with my family, reread one of the books of my life, noticing how much I need to read more often. I walked the festive streets of my hometown with my son. He enjoys hearing old stories and asks questions that trigger my dearest memories. I slept through the mornings and played mindfully through the evenings. I wrote thank you letters to two of my dearest friends. I took time folding clothes, and it didn't felt like wasted time... just simple happy life. My heart flooded with joy hearing JP's teacher "one can see that he truly is a happy child". On Christmas eve, I received news that were far better than all the presents. I feel so grateful for this life to the point of fear (as if this good fortune increase the odds of something going wrong soon). Without any doubt, I am taking more from the world than I am giving, and it's clear for me that it's where I have been failing, as the sense of necessity/duty to have a more active role in giving back to people and to our planet grows in me.

Wrapping the learnings:

* Good books are worth to be read over and over.
* Slow is enough. Slow is good.
* If I don't give back, happiness does not feel whole.

I wish your holidays were as sweet as mine and I wish you a very happy year of 2016!


  1. I would question that you are taking more from the world than you are giving! You are giving the world a happy child - what could be a greater gift than that? Don't worry about trying to measure and balance (I don't think the world works like that..) Be happy. The times will come when you are required to give and you will find yourself doing it willingly from your happy heart. Love your blog!

    1. I hadn't thought of things that way, but I think you're right, and if giving the world a happy child is all I do, no doubt I am doing something worthy (thank you so much for pointing that to me). But I feel a desire to actively give more, and I am sure that it will make me even happier. In all honesty, I'm only thinking of small gestures that probably impact me more than the receivers, not aiming for measure or balance, wich I don't think it's even possible (and yes, agree with you that the world doesn't work like that). Thank you very much for such a thoughtful insight on this.