Wrapped learnings from 2015

Back in July, I started recording monthly thoughts and doubts about living simply. As I take in the past year, it occurred to me that I should bundle them, so here are my wrapped learnings from 2015, a collection of affirmations, common sense knowledge, practical self-advice and self-discoveries. I would love it if you would add some of your own in the comments!

You are responsible for your life, assume it and step up. 
Balance (like happiness) has a depth to it, it is not a current state of affairs. 
Address procrastination issues promptly because they easily take over life.
Wear neutral colours and long sleeved shirts near nests of wasps.
It's important to put things in perspective when evaluating our journey.
Motherhood is a constant challenge, one that gets better and harder at the same time.
There is a fine line between hearing others and paralyse with so many opinions. If nothing seems to work, follow your gut and just go on.
There is a time to do everything, and if we follow nature's rhythm it will be easier to find a life's rhythm of wellness and plenitude.
As the thin line between freedom and safety bends before our eyes, I strive to choose kindness and knowledge. 
Don´t allow life to be so busy that you neglect to call your best friend.
Good books are worth to be read over and over.
Slow is enough. Slow is good.
If I don't give back, happiness does not feel whole.

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