Double rainbows on the go...

double rainbow

Now I know that acting and loving and suffering is living, of course, but it’s only living insofar as you can be transparent and accept your fate, like the unique reflection of a rainbow of joys and passions which is the same for everyone.”
Albert Camus, A Happy Death

Month overview

I know that February gave us one more day, yet for me,  it was a month that ended shortly after it began ... The imbalance between life at home and at work weighed me even more than in January, and I am not close to finding the exit and attain my centrality again.
But February also had getaways to listen to live music, two books read, an afternoon in the snow (to the delight of my Jawbreaker) and even a double rainbow, spotted on the go, as with everything this month...

Wrapping the learnings

  • Sometimes, life is busier than we would like it to, and there isn't much we can do about it. I keep remember this advice  I read somewhere "if you can't get out of it, get into it", and I am trying to follow it.
  • Virtual friends do matter and the fact that you don't know them in person doesn't deter you from feeling their joys or sorrows. 

Learning from you:

Does your life shifts in opposed gears? How do you float between them?


  1. I so agree that virtual friends do matter Cristiana and thank you for your friendship. Freda x

    1. Oh, there is absolutely nothing to thank, I am so honoured to be your friend, Freda. The community around your blog is a wonderful and special thing that could only happen around a wonderful and special person and I am lucky to be a part of it.

  2. It is hard to know what to do when you are being pulled in two directions. I have to confess that I usually brood on it for some time torn between which way to turn. Often in that time it will resolve itself, when it doesn't well I usually try to find a way to make it work but it isn't easy.

    1. Thank you, I usually act very similar and back in January I was hoping for that, but it's been like this for two and a half months now... I feel I'll have to do something about it soon.