My little problem solver

On those silly mother&son moments, sometimes I'll tell him: You're delicious, I'll eat you up! Usually, he laughs and I pretend to eat him between his giggles and prayers to stop. And then prayers to continue as soon as I stop. But the other day, it was different.

The other day, he straighten up on his toes and answered me, in the most defiant voice:

NO. I will eat you up because YOU are so delicious.

(Challenge accepted ) Oh yeah? I don't think so.

But I will! I will eat you ALL.

No. I am too big for you.

I 'll cut you into little pieces.

Oh yes? How would you do that?

With a knife. I will slice you with a kitchen knife.

Oh, I don't think you're strong enough to slice me with a kitchen knife.

Maybe not, but I could always go downstairs and get daddy's tools


Yes! I would get daddy's electric saw and slice you in tiny little slices, then I would put you in two trays and put them both in the oven, cook you tender and then EAT YOU UP. ALL OF YOU MUMMY.

(still deciding whether to laugh or watch my back...)


  1. Ui, que vai ser argumentista de filmes de terror!

    1. He, he.. e dos bons! Já vi filmes de terror com menos atenção aos detalhes!

  2. Ah, now what a dilemma. If you were to ask if he was serious.......

    1. Ah! Couldn't miss the chance to pretend to be scared...I'll file this memory under the category "somethings are better to be kept unknown" :)