Late blooming spring


I like it that everything is real and everything is right;
And I like that it would be like this even if I didn't like it.

The words above are part of a beautiful poem (read here)  written by Alberto Caeiro, they have found their way to me through the most beautiful Portuguese blog.

It's been interesting to notice that the few blogs I follow now, provide enough beauty, enough interest, enough fun and even more reflections than before. I guess we need to have less in order to enjoy more deeply, and that is also true on-line.

I was feeling quite off for the past few months. Did I have any reasons? Some, but not enough to be feeling so low and surely not enough to be complaining about work that I'm thankful to have. It ends up that I was not taking proper care of myself, and I always fail to properly avail the real scope of things at those times, as I've mentioned before.

As the weather has been allowing more time outside, I am now feeling  more settled. I always feel better when I'm close to the earth and planting our first vegetable garden provided me with that connection. To be honest, I must say I watched and rested more than I helped and let the men do the hard work but I believe we were all happy with this arrangement.

Monthly learnings:

  • Don't be afraid of less, remember: less is often more.
  • Life is right more often than not. Look for the positive side even when it's hard, especially when it's hard.
  • Check your physical condition every time you're feeling down and spend some time connecting to the earth.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree and I love the poem! I'm glad looking after yourself has helped. The more disconnected I get from myself and my basic needs, the harder everything else seems, but it's so easy to forget. Nature really helps that grounding again. Such a lovely mixture of peace and vitality in your first photo.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem, Lotta. Alberto Caeiro is known as the "nature poet", I have been revisiting him with pleasure and surprise since I didn't relate this much when I first read him as a teenager... The photo was taken in a special place near our house that we visit often, it is quiet and beautiful there.

  2. I too agree. I have been feeling a little like this myself, when our lives at full to the brim it can be hard to fit in looking after ourselves even though we know we shouldn't think of ourselves last in reality that is often what happens. I love the picture of the cat with the hose!

    1. Yes, I guess we're willing to sacrifice our needs first when it comes down to it.
      Cenoura(Carrot) is enjoying the garden too, especially the running water!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nem queria acreditar quando carreguei no link... Até me vieram as lágrimas aos olhos (e não é da gravidez).
    Que responsabilidade! Obrigada pelo imenso carinho, Cristiana.

    1. É verdade! Adoro o teu blog. Este mês não tenho andado muito on-line, mas assim que possa, o teu é paragem obrigató beijinho, e tudo a correr bem...


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