May memories

On the morning the First day of May, I was awakened in bed with a question: Is today Sunday? Yes, It is! Finally - I have a song for you! (his educator taught the class a beautiful song about growing seeds/ human beings and instructed them to sing it on Sunday - mother's day in Portugal- to their mothers. A lovely surprise and the sweetest awakening for March to unfold).

Since ever that everybody would tell him he was the son of the rain. But this smart boy, made of cheerfulness and at the age of more or less, did not need to be told who his mother was.
He knew her better than the matters he knew really well.

José Luís Peixoto, A Mãe Que Chovia 
( The Mother That Rained, roughly translated by me) 


When your favourite author writes his first children's book while you are pregnant, naturally, you can't wait to read it with your child... so this book has been sitting in my son's library since he was born, quietly waiting for him to show interest in it. May of 2016 it was, and it was as special as I imagined it to be.

We enjoyed a few days off in May, so we extended our walks a little bit...

to the sea (always so restoring no matter the threaten of the rain...)

to a place where I worked for five years... (the fact that I worked in a real boat seems to be astonishing to my son, I'm not sure if he has a hard time accepting I had a previous life before him or that life was so different... )

We returned home to find new life...

No lessons learnt in May, just life and good memories.


  1. No lessons needed! Some memories to treasure. That sounds like a lovely children's book - I love the ones that are as good for the adult to read as they are for the child to hear...

    1. The book is lovely...it reads like a poem and the illustrations are also delightful. Children books can be very special and have profound meaning through their simplicity.

  2. My daughter is starting to ask questions about life before her. She gets now that it exists and wants to know all about it! That is a lovely poem how sweet of him to sing it to you!

    1. It's not an easy concept from them at first, but then their curiosity is unstoppable! It was sweet of him, I feel very lucky. I see the parallel between his song and the book, mothers being the rain that makes seeds grow... a wonderful thing that all is connected!

  3. A vida é uma lição tão bela!
    (tenho que ir espreitar esse livro...)

    1. É mesmo isso, a vida é uma lição tão bela!