Six pictures for an (almost) wordless story of June

( freshly picked roses from our garden for my mother )

( a short family trip to Alvão )

( harvesting )

( little happy garden helper )

( my new best friend for productivity and on-line awareness )

( savouring fresh goods )

I hope June was nice to you too!


  1. It looks like you had a lovely June Cristiana, and your garden helper too! Does he make mud pies for you? I'm wondering what the temperatures are like in your region at this time of year?

    1. We did have a lovely June, Lotta. He prefers to do grown-up work in the garden, especially imitating his father (who does the hard work...) but sometimes he will pick flowers and put them in my hair...
      Summers are usually quite hot here, we've been having temperatures around 30ºC during the day, it should get warmer in July and August (just took a look at the forecast, 37ºC for today... ) and nights are quite enjoyable, between 15º to 18ºC.