random thoughts and a poem

I have been absent from the blog, but I surely haven´t been absent from life. Warm, bumpy, hard and fulfilled life.
I have been spending the daytime enduring high temperatures at the office, the evenings taking care of my garden and preparing delicious salads from our goods. At the early night, when I finally can breed the fresh air that comes from the mountains, it's time for walking or just laying around the garden.
My son is enjoying time alone with his grandmothers, at turns, he is beyond happy and it truly makes me happy as well, despite feeling his absence very strongly (the right term in here would be the Portuguese word: saudade).
His absence made me notice how much a child changes the dynamic between a couple, as we realise all our talks are about practical things, it seems as we had lost the ability of a meaningful conversation, without even noticing it. So, after a few days of enjoying the silence (we are both very quiet, opposed to our small creation of a tornado of stories and questions and opinions...) we slowly began to talk (truly talk), and it feels nice.

I hope you had a nice July, and if you're in the mood for it, here is a little poem for you *!

* Inspired by this Portuguese moment.
** You may have to set the volume high (I guess I was shy and afraid of hurting your hears...)


  1. What a lovely poem Cristiana, and so beautifully read. It moved me, as did the word 'saudade'. I wasn't familiar with the Portuguese word but I know the feeling deeply. I'm glad you're enjoying some silence and meaningful conversation before your wonderful small tornado returns! x

    1. We´re driving to pick him up tonight, I can't wait to hug him and kiss him... 
      Saudade is a Portuguese word, but definitely an universal feeling. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem, I second-guessed myself about posting this all day long...

  2. I loved the poem thank you. It was wonderful to hear your voice. The word is saudade is very powerful I too know that feeling, how wonderful to have a word in your language to describe it.

    1. Hearing our own voice is quite an interesting exercise, it sounds way different from how he think we sound, or how we hear ourselves, doesn't it? Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed the poem.
      It is wonderful to have the word Saudade, maybe you can adopt it into your personal vocabulary? The way I see it, the whole world deserves a word for such a profound feeling.

  3. This made me cry and your voice is very beautiful. You should be proud to have posted it Cristiana.

    1. Oh, I don't know what to say, Freda. I am touched you were moved by it but sad that it made your cry... :-(


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