A little photo-journal |MAY|


A few details from my May:

  • blooms and naked trees (noting and acknowledging the difference)
  • wearing personal notes
  • looking up and soaking the hues
  • looking inside into the shadows
  • looking outside of my window
  • being looked after
  • deep, deep work
  • simple and delicate chamomile 
  • night watch


  1. You have a hammock - yay! I hope you've had plenty of opportunities to relax in it Cristiana. I particularly love the photo with the vase and flowers in the sunlight. And the dinosaurs...!

    1. How did I spend so many time without a hammock in there I don't know - best idea ever! The dinosaurs were carefully placed and though I tried, I wasn't allowed to move them... apparently, they each have a perfect spot and area of protection...


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