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Sometimes I mention that I am quite a melancholic person. The full story would include a bit sad, with a penchant for acceptance of life as it is, mostly contemplative, and above all, an embracer of all the feelings, including sadness, despair, discomfort.

To feel it all, to feel alive.

PS: Edited, because I've learned that not everything needs to be written and because I want to say it in different words.



  1. I think you've explained it well Cristiana, and I can sense other bits of it between the words. It takes courage to be open in a blog post where there is always room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding, but the important thing is that you know who you are, and we are just glad to see whichever parts of that you are willing to share here. It doesn't feel like a deception to me, to only convey part of the picture sometimes, or to be whoever and however you are at the moment you write. The name of the blog seems appropriate in that it is who you are some of the time, and also who you aspire to be... And it is perhaps always in you waiting to be discovered. Maybe the blog is your journey towards simplicity and happiness, and there will inevitably be the opposite of those - if we were already the end product there would be no point in taking the journey! Perhaps you can expand our definitions of what simple and happy are - by being exactly as you are. My suggestion would be to give yourself as much freedom as you would like with the blog - write however, whatever and whenever you would like to - don't squeeze yourself into a limited definition of who you are because of the need to stay true to the title or original intention of the blog - we change all the time - change the rules too! Change the name of the blog if you need to, or embrace it and expand on it. Simple, happy, complex, sad... all part of life. And blogging is a great way to share all that and connect with and learn from each other. And mess up sometimes too... I know I do!
    Sending a hug from one Space Oddity to another! x

    1. Lotta, are you inside of my brain? It surely feels so. I freezed when I read you can sense more between the words. You are right, of course. I will take my time with your comment, if that's ok. Lots of good things to take in. Your hug was much needed I now realise and deeply appreciated. Thank you so much 💜

  2. Pelo que percebi: mudaste este post?
    Também eu estava a escrever aqui e de repente senti que não era o que queria dizer neste momento (não que não fosse sentido. Fica para outro dia). O que queria neste momento era estar contigo, darmos um abraço apertado e sentarmo-nos num sítio bonito a contemplar a paisagem.

    1. (Cortei um pouco sim. Não gostei de me reler)
      Senti esse abraço apertado e a tua presença calma e grande e sentido Obrigada por este comentário mais do que perfeito.


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