Three wishes (conversations with JP)


I love books. I love to read them, to think about them and to talk about them.
Including children books, with my favourite little person, of course!
The conversations roused by reading a book before bedtime are becoming a favourite part of my day and usually give me valuable insights about what's going on in his life and his brain. Most days, we're all about silliness and fun and new discoveries and dreams and super powers... but sometimes, we discuss deep matters, as being left by someone, or how to keep loved ones close after death. I never know where the conversation will go.
What I'm learning:
  • it can go anywhere; 
  • I don't always know the answer; 
  • it is always fun to search for answers together.  
I absolutely love it.
Whilst he grows in age, awareness and reach, I feel uncertain about publishing these stories, as they are not just my stories anymore. At the same time, with the blog becoming smaller and smaller, there's a comforting sense of talking to a restrict number of friends. Friends who I'm sure like these little stories almost as much as I do. So, this one is especially for you:
By his words, the choice of desires,  if he happens to rub a lamp and a genie grants him three wishes:
  • To eat lots of sweets and candies without my tummy hurting
  • To sleep with my eyes open
  • To have all the powers of all the superheroes
PS: In that exact order!


  1. It's so refreshing listening to little children's thoughts isn't it? Often wonderfully original because they haven't learnt to think like everyone else yet and I've noticed with the little ones in my life that there's a lot of deep thinking that goes on. I love his three wishes, especially the second one. And I know another little boy who would like to have all the powers of all the superheroes!

    1. Yes, they do not carry the mental baggage we adults end up carrying, so the mix of not yet conditioned thinking and the natural endless curiosity makes children powerful questioners while keeping every conversation light, fun and intriguing. We´re
      very lucky to have them around :)
      Superheroes and little boys do have a special bond, all around the world!

  2. Life lessons indeed. I do love these posts and yet understand your reservations. Perhaps for a little while longer would be OK...I am sure you will know when is right. Having just posted a photograph of myself can I ask if that is you in the previous post? It is lovely to know what someone looks like!

    1. I hope I'll Know how to travel these uncertain borders the right way and when to stop.
      Yes, that is me in the previous post (much to my own surprise, but July was all about me, so I figured it was the perfect match). It's so nice to meet you! Your photo is the most wonderful thing, I'm smiling as I write this just from remembering the photo...


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