Taking stock of November

If I was a month, I would be November. And to celebrate my favourite month, nothing better than taking stock(a)

Making: plans, and enjoying it immensely
Cooking: plant-based, oil-free recipes
Drinking: my garden in teas
Reading: My living favourite author's new book "The imperfect path"
Wanting: Lots of non-material things and one material thing: a kindle reader
Looking: through my office's window as autumn unravels
Playing: all year around!
Deciding: on a word for 2018
Wishing: for a simple, meaningful Christmas season
Enjoying: a quiet(ish) month at work
Waiting: for budgets
Wondering: if I will ever write consistently on this blog
Loving: the absence of self-pressure to write in here
Pondering: how much space we really need. No, on how little space we really need.
Considering: selling our house!!!!!
Watching: eagles nearby our house (and thinking I don't want to leave this place...)
Hoping: my hair to stop falling like autumnal leaves, asap
Marvelling: at how many good people there are in the world
Needing: to rearrange my work days
Smelling: obsessively, my favourite five-year-old while he still smells like a newborn...
Wearing: colourful and fun tights
Following: my gut whilst ignoring my head and shushing my heart...
Noticing: on what really makes me feel good
Knowing: 1) I will always be a work in progress 2) progress is not always forward...
Thinking: on this powerful question: what's the One thing I can do such by doing it everything else is easier or unnecessary?(b)
Admiring: small and eco-friendly houses
Sorting: thoughts as laundry
Buying: books, music and toys (though I didn't need to, for sure...)
Getting: nightly cuddles and kisses. So good!
Bookmarking: books to read in 2018
Disliking: myself on social media
Opening: a new day, daily
Giggling: at Siri's responses to my requests
Feeling: hopeful

(a) Original idea and a blank list for you to copy and paste (in case you want to join in) here
(b) From this book


Simple life lessons from a five-year-old

Yesterday, I was invited to lunch along with a soft toy in JP's room.

When I got there, he thought of adding some more guests and I'm not proud to say that as he was taking out every soft toy of the designated basket, in a lame attempt of tempering the mess, I warned him:

- Wait, are you sure you will have enough food for everyone?

- Don´t worry mummy, I will figure it out.

(But of course, I thought, immediately feeling silly for my question and a little bit embarrassed by my hidden reasons)

- It will just take me a little bit longer. - he continued after considering things in his head.

I then told him that he could take all the time in the world and I would come when he was ready.

This was the table set up I was honoured to be a part of:


A pink sky.
Lots of unanswered questions.
A moment was needed, but life doesn't stop.
Inhale / Rain / Exhale.
Here we go again.


|September| Breathing and enduring

For the past years, September was always the hardest month for me. The busiest and unhinged. This year, though, despite the demanding challenges I've had to face,  something was different. Firstly, I decided to try to meditate. I had tried before and to be honest, hated it, it felt like I was being brainwashed with my own consent (no good), so I decided it was not for me long ago. I'm glad I was willing to give it a try again (a nice side effect of my word of the year - play - which I hope to write about soon) and I think the three, five or ten minutes of meditation were so helpful. But the major factor of strengthens I've felt come from food intake. We have been changing our diet and I wholeheartedly believe that it was the key factor that allowed me to go through all the demands relatively positive and sane. Providing I was already quite the healthy eater, I never expected to notice such a difference as I did and it was such an empowering realization!
Even so, I'm glad September is over and I'm more than happy to welcome a calmer, tunned October.

|August| The special and ordinary moments

If you were to visit my home-town in August, you would be misguided by the French accent everywhere or by the foreign car plates on the road, that this is a touristic destination. It's not. It signals the massive arrival of emigrants for a short period to unite with their Portuguese families. But, as they are arriving with their vibrant energy, my little family usually gets called by the ocean, and we must go. In the meanwhile, there are chores, mess-ups, plans, readings, catnaps and dreams as I try to notice the little ordinary moments that make our life. Thank you, August. You were good to us.