A story from June

June started with the perfect pace, living simpler does get naturally easier on vacations. We spend our days by the sea, in the water or walking by the seashore. The days were long, the weather perfect, the water temperature very acceptable and all of the places were rather unpopulated yet, so I got rather convinced that early June is the perfect timing for vacations.

I read a book that has been shifting the way I look at trees and plants. The book is called "The Hidden Life of Trees", and it tells engaging stories about how trees communicate with each other, how they support other trees through their roots,  how they educate the younger ones... the stories opened up a new perspective to me.  Trees are presented as truly social beings that live their lives at a pace that makes it difficult to understand for us humans. The author proposedly anthropomorphizes the trees to make his point, but it worked for me: by the end of the book, it was clear to me how little do  I  know about this subject, how little I understand it.  I did not need convincing of how marvellous their world is (I know that since the first time I was in a forest as a young girl) but, the possibility of trees storing information, feeling, communicating, parenting, building communities,  kind of blows my mind in awe. And I'm left with so much to discover and a relentless: What if?

I felt drowning as I returned home and work. Loads of duties, demands and "normal" life.  It is very clear to me that I need to redefine my "normal" life.
Usually, I would think that there are no big changes, that change is something you implement slowly but steadily in our lives. I would think I need more time outside in nature, doing nothing. I would think I should redefine my screen time - again. I would think I need to focus on health, rest, nourishing food, family, play.
And I did all of the above. But I'm feeling I run out of small changes to do and the feeling isn't going away. I need a BIG change.


Opening - a short film

A few days ago, my little family pressed pause and went south in search for some quietness, sun, sea and (especially for me), space to breathe and restore myself.
I had a loose intention of video recording a few moments of our days despite having no experience or knowledge, and I've played a bit with movie making upon returning home. 

Click below if you would like to see my first attempt on film, and of course, I would appreciate any advice you have for me!


A little photo-journal |MAY|

A few details from my May:

  • blooms and naked trees (noting and acknowledging the difference)
  • wearing personal notes
  • looking up and soaking the hues
  • looking inside into the shadows
  • looking outside of my window
  • being looked after
  • deep, deep work
  • simple and delicate chamomile (I may be obsessing with moody flower photos...)
  • night watch


Space oddity

Sometimes I mention that I am quite a melancholic person. The full story would include a bit sad, with a penchant for acceptance of life as it is, mostly contemplative, and above all, an embracer of all the feelings, including sadness, despair, discomfort.

To feel it all, to feel alive.


PS: Edited, because I've learned that not everything needs to be written and because I want to say it in different words. 


Me, elsewhere |April|

It's not that I don't want to write in this space - more than ever I'm feeling the need of an active usage of this blog/a blog- as it is the lack of organisation in order to make it happen. It will happen, soon. In the meanwhile, I don't want to leave April out from my monthly journal, so here is a short record of the playfulness I have been spreading elsewhere.

Spring placed itself definitely, time is spent outside as much as possible, our house keeps feeling bigger and bigger and our garden smaller and smaller. April brought serious adjustments, both physical and mental. Though I consider myself to be up for changes overall, I can´t help to notice how much time I need to adjust to any change these days. JP doesn't stop growing (how does he dare?) and I can do nothing but sit and watch him. Nor I would like to do anything to stop him, but still... it all feels too fast...